Friday, September 14, 2012

Something New, Something Old and A Date Night

Old/New dress for date night(Goodwill) New shoes from Hubs(Classic Jack Rogers)

I should really share that I have been all disjointed lately when it comes to blogging.  From subject matter to outfit posts, I have not had the time to pull it all together.  Ideas have come to mind and I have been so inspired to share, but life, sweet life and all its complexities have gotten in the way. 

 So, I present to you, a blog post from the heart.  I have included a photo that Hubs took on our last date night, an outfit before I put it on, and the last book that I read this summer! I know, so original right?  Well, this is a new season for our family with school, sporting events and the like, so I hope to stay a float and post good content for you.  If for some reason, the posting gets a little spotty, well, know that I am in the throes of life, living it to the full with my family.

Sunday church outfit: Necklace(GS Lilian)Watch(Target) Mom's clutch, shoes(Gifted by Hubs)
Eyelet skirt(Goodwill), Tank(Old Navy) and Jacket(Bitten by SJP)

I read the entire series over the summer! I miss Percy and the gang! I am now reading The Lost Hero

As they say in my neck o' the woods, "Happy Fall Ya'll!"

Oh, have your enjoyed your first Pumpkin Spiced Latte yet?  I am craving one too!!


  1. Shon, you look sooooo good in that dress. Love it:) And OMG! Love love love the Percy Jackson series, almost to the point of obsession!
    Have a great weekend, my dear:)

  2. That dress is gorgeous!! I love it :) xoxo

  3. You look beautiful! That dress is is awesome on you. I spy GSL! Happy weekend lovely lady!