Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Season

Today is a HUGE day in our household.  We will launch a Kindergartner, a 4th Grader and a 6th Grader!! Whew!! Where did the time go, I have been here since minute one and I tell you that the time flew by.  I am extremely proud of my little baby birds and I am fully confident in the Lord, that they will soar as they leave the nest yet again for another school year.  We have had a wonderful summer of lazy days at the pool, beach, in forts made of comforters, our front yard, the BIG family road trip and on the cozy couch watching a favorite movie for the thousandth time.  I will not shed a tear, but will rejoice as they are going off to do that which they have been called to do.  The bible is clear that we are called to let our light shine, the light of Jesus.  We are anticipating hearing wonderful stories of new friends made, old friendships rekindled and of many opportunities  to share the love of Jesus.

4th Grade Superstar

6th Grade Superstar

Super Kindergarten Kid

They were all so excited to strike out on their BIG day ahead.  My oldest daughter could not contain her smile.  My youngest daughter told me that it was now "my time".  My little man announced that he would not be sucking his thumb anymore.  Well, they are well on their way and I guess it's "my time".


  1. The apples don't fall too far from the tree... beautiful babies you have there!

  2. how exciting! congrats to you and your adorable kids for starting up a new school year. i can't believe my oldest is going to start her second year of preschool! and my baby will start preschool next year. time does seem to fly. it's much easier to gage too when you have kids!


  3. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments. They each had a wonderful first day!!

  4. My goodness the kiddos are just adorable! They sure do look happy!

    My oldest will be a junior and my youngest is going into 1st grade. Time sure does fly by :)


  5. Shon, your kids are gorgeous!!! And congrats on all of them starting the new school year with a smile!

  6. Hi! Shon, I am Collette Giddings' mom. Your children are beautiful and so are you.

  7. Oh my, how did you find my blog? Thank you for the complement. I think your child, Coco is beautiful inside and out. She was always such a sweet person to me.