Friday, March 6, 2015

#Our Project 52/ #9 In My Cup

**Disclaimer** photography is not only a skill, but an artform.  Hat tip to LaShawn and many other photographers for making it "look" easy!

Taken by pointing Canon Rebel EOS T3 pointing directly in to cup
Creative Setting

It was difficult holding the camera steady and pouring the creamer.  

Ah, Cheers!

What's in my cup is usually water, after I have my morning coffee.  I really like coffee, ok maybe I love coffee, but not on the expert level, but more of a taste, comfort level.  I remember my first time drinking coffee as a means to bond with fellow early birds at work, it sort of became a "thing" before the day's madness commenced.  From what I remembered the coffee we drank at work was not really that great!!  This was long before I was introduced to that famous chain's coffee.  Even now it's not the actual coffee taste per se, but the coffee mixed with cream as I mentioned a few posts ago.  I'm not even too picky about the coffee I drink.  I have had some wonderful gas and the coffee I favor now I buy at the grocer or mass retailers.  The bottom line is that hot, creamy, coffee in a pretty mug is just a little treat that I start the day with.  
What's in your cup?
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIWW-Take 2

If you were here on Monday, then you already know the deal.
  If you are new, WELCOME!!
Happy Hump Day!!
 Join me at The Pleated Poppy!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Still Happens Around Here

Whew, it's been a rainy few weeks here in my little corner of the earth and I am ok with that.  My only observation is that I can not go out and run like I would want to. However, I am happy to share that I am able to participate in the wildly popular Two Bird's link up this week.  You all, this is such a fun time that I have missed for the last couple of weeks, er months! Ok, in reality it is more like a year!! Can you believe that?  I guess since I still comment and communicate with Megan and Nora weekly it has not seemed like a year since I posted to Inspiration Monday!!  I hope to pick up where I left off with my post this week.  My outfit is a combo of all discount items, with a few special accessories, my new favorite red lip, and growing hair!  I don't know about you, but I am over or maybe too lazy to list where all the items are from, so I will link my treasured items and affordable lip color.
 Fair enough??

Lip color
My favorite photographer's soccer game was rained out today and therefore she was able to snap for me!!

Two Birds

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Where I Stand/#Our Project 52, #8

There really are not any words that can add anything to this photo.
  It speaks volumes on its own.
If you are keeping track we are now in week 8 heading in to 9.

God painting another perfect sunset

Lipgloss and Binky
Everyday Eyecandy

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mardi Gras Style

This weekend we shared Valentine's treats with the kids, went to soccer games, track practice, cleaned house, went to church, band rehearsal and a Mardi Gras themed party!  This was a particularly fun evening for us since both of our families hail from Texas and Louisiana where Mardi Gras is king, see what I did here?  We shared King Cake among other delicacies with our neighbors.  I was a bit disappointed to not get a slice of the cake with the baby in it!  Oh well, I guess there is always next time?
 Did you celebrate Valentine's Day or Mardi Gras?

 If so, what are your favorite things about either?

Boyfriend blazer, sparkle tank, thrifted Boyfriend jeans, gifted booties, earned hostess jewels here
and here.

Who are these masked Mardi Gras-ers??!!

Find me here today!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eyes-#Our Project 52/6

What was I laughing at?  
I am not sure any more, but whatever it was I could not keep my eyes open!

Top-discounter, glasses, necklace, and lipcolor

Photo courtesy of my Canon EOS Rebel T3

Thursday, January 22, 2015

#Our Project 52/Photo #3 Guilty Pleasure

Thank you all for following along it has helped my accountability to this space tremendously.  I must admit that I sort of struggled on this week's photo...Guilty Pleasure??  I mean really, what should l choose?  I thought long and hard on this and since I have curtailed some of my GP's like, the RHO series, sweets and bread, to name a few.  So, what in the world would I share with you all?  I drink tea some mornings and coffee on others.  The mornings I drink coffee I use creamer and do not add any extra sugar.  So, I started enjoying this creamer and love it!!  I don't even miss the sugar at all.  I have seen some all natural, diy recipes out there, but I am a bit too lazy to try them.  Oops, did I admit that in writing??  I might try one of these, one day soon.
  How about you? 
 How do you drink your coffee?  
What is your guilty pleasure??

Everyday Eyecandy
Lipgloss and Binky

Taken with my Android Camera Phone