Wednesday, October 8, 2014


It's always so great when I can spend time alone with our children individually.  It is even more special when they ask directly for time set aside to "talk" or in this case for me to "listen".  Life is so very hectic and complicated, yet fun and fulfilling all at the same time right now.  Do you all remember 7th Grade??!!  I do, and let me tell you I was not even in the same register as my girl right now.  I have to really go to a place to access my 7th Grade file to recall what it was like for me.  My girl is so together, and not in a know-it-all, I got this and you don't kinda way.  No, she is more like apart from God I can do nothing and with Him all things are possible and let's be friends because you are a safe place and I like the way you care about others too.  She is the kind of friend I wish I had growing up, especially in the turbulent tween, teen years.  So, when she asks to go chat after church because she has a lot on her plate, well Fro-yo happens!!  I won't share any of our conversation here, out of respect for her privacy, but it all went well.  We even ended our little date by taking a few shots in the backyard.  She is always taking my photos, so I suggested that she join me.  That's all for now.

 Have a wonderful week!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Humble Return

****Happy Fall to all, as you may have noticed this post was written a few weeks ago****

Greetings to all!  I hope you have been well since we last visited here?  I have been on the ride of my life over the summer and now in the present school year!  I have had some time to ponder, reflect and meditate on what I believe will be an exciting season in my household this school year.  There are many changes here in my little nest and I am sort of in Mama Bird mode, fiercely protective.  I feel at times like I am "learning" on the job so to speak.  It's all very fascinating and humbling to say the least.  There is much at stake here at the present  and I find myself holding on and letting go simultaneously.  
  What's going on in your nest? 
 Happy First day of Fall!

**Just a few shots from our most recent beach day**

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I recently went to a wedding of one of my fellow running mates.  It was such a lovely day out with dear friends celebrating the union of soul mates.  I opted to wear a dress that I have in my closet that you have seen before and a pair of shoes I got over the summer.  I have to be honest and share that the shoes were not my original choice for the dress.  I became a member of one of the online shoe clubs and ordered a pair of pumps that would elevate the look.  Well, the shoes came the day of the wedding, actually before I left my driveway!! Of course there was no time to break them in, so I went with the pair you see here.  In the end, this was the wisest choice for being on my feet and doing the Cupid Shuffle!!  Unfortunately, when I got home and tried on the "perfect" shoes, they were too small. *Sigh*!!  Oh well, I'm so glad for free returns/shipping.  

What's your "fave" shoe at the moment?

  Can you do the Cupid Shuffle in them??

The Sewing Nook is still under construction, but functional.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maxin' Out

I have been trying to wear what I have in my closet lately and stretch myself beyond the comfort zone.  I have good days and not so good days with this.  It's been so hot in my neck of the woods and most days I just want to hang out in my work out gear even if I am not working out.  This brings me to this skirt I have had for a few months now.  I think I have worn it 3 times?  I kept things really simple by wearing a basic v-neck t' shirt and flat sandals.  I know, so predictable right?  Well, it's a start.....

White t'shirt, black maxi skirt, wooden bangle, favorite "new" clutch and flat sandals

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Have You Heard the One About.......?

I love a great joke or one liner.  Have you heard the one about the Texas lady never leaving home without a particular item?  No, it's not the credit card with the famed tagline either.  It's her lipstick or lip gloss.  A respectable Texas lady never leaves home without her lipstick or lip gloss on.  Well, at least that is how I was raised!!  I stepped out today for a brief moment and decided to wear my new t'shirt and did not have time to complete my beauty routine, so sans makeup it is!!  I could not, I repeat, will not ever leave home without wearing lip gloss.  The only exception is when I run, because well, it gets real out there clocking miles!! 

My lip gloss and Sun kissed skin is all a girl needs!

In other news, I also cut my hair in my efforts to grow it out.   I am sure it seems counterproductive, but trust me on this.  I threw in a little haircolor and BOOM!! I am loving it!!

The color is more vivid in person...a sea of curls...imagine the possibilities!!

 Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Things....Lately

Hellooooooooooooooooo!  I finally found my voice again after so many months absent.  I hope each and every one of you are doing well and enjoying Summer?  It's been a whirlwind here and no need to bore you with a recap.  Let's just assume life here around my neck of the woods is fun and hectic at the same time.  I find myself these days waking later than school days, working out, spending time with family, driving kiddoes to practice, tournaments, camps, friends', etc., etc.  I have enjoyed a collection of things over the last couple of weeks and thought I would share them with you, a sort of visual recap if you will.  I in no way received any financial compensation for the following.  My opinion reigns supreme here, yet I wanted to share with you as I think you might like a few of these.  I read a very cool post yesterday that speaks to linking back to brands....hereSuzanne is spot on here!

Hydrangeas on their last, petals!

New favorite tinted moisturizer, 2 great oil fragrances and the companies give back too(win, win), long lasting eyeshadow for those steamy, Southern days and nights.

New favorite t'shirt from my Sissy, thrift store clutch, new rainboots(would Mary Poppins wear these?), handmade earrings.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and I hope to join you here again soon! 

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends and Happy Fourth of July!!

Friday, April 18, 2014


The love I have for my husband, my children, family and dear friends, all stem from a matchless, perfect love.  This love is so profound, so rare, so pure.  It's the love Jesus has for me and all who would believe.  He is perfect love, that bore the weight of a shameful, fallen world and died a criminal's death though he was completely innocent!!  As we embrace the Easter weekend, I reflect on my Rescuer, Jesus and His love for me and for you.

Happy Easter to you and your families!!