Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Movie, A Cause, A Dress, and A Few More Candles

It was the perfect weekend!  We took the kids to see the movie Brave and it was pretty good, except for the scary, dark scene toward the end.  My little guy switched seats with his sisters to cuddle up next to me until that scene was over! Whew! that was a close one.  We wrapped the evening with our Friday night pizza party and I hit the hay as I had an 0'dark 30 run scheduled for Saturday.

On Saturday morning I met my BGR! girls for a gimpy 8 miles, headed home for my weekly stack of pancakes, eggs, coffee and my protein drink, iced and rested my limbs before going to church to volunteer in the Preschool area for our Saturday night service.  This incredible woman was speaking at our church this weekend and the message was life changing!  I heard her speak for the first time last year and was blown away and I felt the same this weekend.  I am compelled to do what I can, whatever that is to help out  ***Stay tuned***  I invite you to check this organization out for yourself and just get educated to this cause.  As a woman, daughter, sister, wife and mother, I can not sit idle while women suffer.

****On a lighter note****

On Sunday, I awoke to a wonderful breakfast in bed, cards, gifts and tons of hugs and kisses.  I was in store for a wonderful day filled with so many sweet blessings. We went to church, I had lunch with dear friends, rested, had dinner with my hubs and then my friend invited us over for cake and ice cream.  The funniest moment of the day had to be when a friend at church shouted that I was 29 again and my sweet little big man quickly corrected her by yelling out my real age!! LOL  I almost fell off of my wedges because the TRUTH shot out of his mouth so quickly, so matter-of-factly!!  We all had a laugh on that one.

Floral dress/Simply Vera/Vera Wang, Nude Wedges/DSW, Eyelet clutch/Old Navy, Floral Cuff/GS Lillian

As the day came to a close, I sat quietly and thought about how blessed I am to have such a great life.  A life filled not so much with things and stuff, but a relationship with Jesus,  a loving husband, sweet children, dear family and friends.  I have had the best year so far and I look forward to learning more about myself and experiencing more wonderful moments as God sees fit.  I know in my heart that the best is yet to come.

 Doing my happy birthday dance and singing slightly off key.............


  1. Happy birthday pretty mama! You look beautiful... wait... you always look beautiful! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! You are soooo pretty!

    God has been sending me all kinds of signs to lace my running shoes back up. I guess if I go ahead and sign up for a race I'll be forced to get back with my early morning Saturday BGR homies

    Kids will tell all of your business!!

    Looking forward to connecting with you

  3. You look amazing sister! I am very glad you had a wonderful birthday! You are such an inspiring woman. Keep up the wonderful work! ;)

    Love you,

  4. *singing* slightly off key with you too..even if it is a few days late! Love your outfit as always! Even more, to be inspired by your faith, appreciation for life, and for the simple things.

  5. Happy birthday, I know it was good. So glad God blessed you with another year.

  6. That is so sweet! Yes, you are indeed blessed to have Jesus, family and friends!

    The dress is pretty.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  7. Pretty dress. You look beautiful. Happy belated Birthday! I'm still celebrating. Are you?

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Shon! You look so beautiful!