Monday, August 29, 2011

Wonder Woman Would Wear This

So, I recently ran across a lovely blogger named Shelly at, via another really cool blog  I poured over the two of these blogs for a while and learned that Shelly is a jewelry designer.  Her pieces have been featured in many fashion publications and is simply divine.  Please visit her site to see all of her beautiful work.  I have scored 2 pieces that I can not wait to wear, then share the looks here.  In the meantime, view what I feel could  easily been Wonder Woman's go to evening jewelry staple!!!  This piece is powerful, bold, unique and simply stunning.  I can not wait to wear it.  Hurry and check out these blogs and Shelly's beautiful jewelry.  Tons of choices for Fall.


  1. yay! i got a very similar cuff but multi-colored and i absolutely love it! i also bought a necklace. i'm obsessed with Shelly's jewelry, it's so gorgeous!

  2. Hmm, I know. We got the same pieces, but diff.colors!!!;) Love your style girl!!