Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Me, My Style and I (My mother gets the credit for the title)

 This picture is a little fuzzy......but you get the picture,WINK, WINK....

Here we go, the first official installment of Me, My Style and I!!!  I am really excited and I hope that you all are able to step up and step out today and as many days as you can.  It really is an esteem booster when you look your best and feel your best.  It is just plain ol' FUN, well, I think it is.  I am really believing that this will be the start of a life long dream for me.  I ask that you stand with me in prayer that God will continue to inspire me with His excellence.  So, here is to a wonderful Wednesday and a blessed week.  Go out and declare His magnificence as you fully embrace your true style from the inside out.  Oh, don't forget to post your photos so that we can see how gorgeous you look.  Have fun with it, break the rules, create your OWN!!


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