Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me, My Style and I (My mother gets the credit for the title)

 Well, let's call today's post, Me, My BUY and I!! I did not have an adult present to photograph me this morning, as my hubs is away for work. So, there was a cute outfit, but I do not have am image of it.  Don't fret girls, it's all good!!
  I ran out to my local Goodwill to score a few items to make a Flapper style dress for our oldest daughter's graduation week at school!! Well, well, guess what I stumbled upon???? A clutch for me!! I know, you are wondering why do I not have a clutch?? I guess I just have a deep affinity for my huge, suitcase-like, bottomless adventure of a handbag.  I adore clutches, but the bigger the bag, the better for me!! It is sort of like the wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood story. 
  I scored the perfect one for me, just the right size, smoke and odor free to boot!! How much do you ask?  Of course, I was never a name dropper or a price tag snob, but I paid a whopping $2.99 for this beauty!! I can not wait to employ this slick clutch with the perfect date night outfit.  Stay tuned for details......Keep stylin'

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