Friday, August 31, 2012

Pin-ning....Back In The Day


Way before we ever pinned electronically, we used good old fashioned poster boards, scrapbooks, folders, notebooks, binders and sheet protectors and the like.  I no longer pin, but I use one of these:  I can not wait for the cooler fall weather to cut, blow, and flat iron my hair in a funky pixie cut, I am longing to paint and decorate our home one step at a time, I plan to collect Fiesta dishes too, I love really neat fabric, I see a nice espresso machine in my distant future too, travel, and words of inspiration. The list is endless. 

 How did you collect and display your inspirations before Pinterest came a long?


  1. Love your inspiration board, Shon. I'm not really into Pinterest that much, and have neglected my own pin board at home, but I still seeing other people's:)

  2. I love pinning! I love pinning with the sheet protectors and poster board too. It is a tangible method of inspiration. I love you board! You have great taste!;)

    Love ya,

  3. I use to cut the pages out of magazines and put them in folders that were designated for each project like fashion, home etc. I love Pinterest because I don't have to fool with going through each picture it was becoming junky! I am not the neatest person so Pinterest has made my life so easy especially with recipes.

    I'm like you, I am so ready for the fall. I live for the fall. Live for it. We are starting to have cooler mornings and evenings although the days are still very warm.