Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Reflection

 Today as we celebrate Mother's Day, I awoke to my own little party.  My family showered me with handmade cards, flowers, letters, drawings, breakfast, coffee and a gift certificate for a Mani-Pedi!! YAY!! I am such a blessed woman!!  We went to church and the message was for all mothers, but as God always has His way, I felt it was written just for me!!  I had a really tough week last week and the message really reconfirmed what my heart always knew, that God loves me and sees me!! On my worst, my lowest day He sees me.  In fact He sees us all.  This was so comforting to me and I pray that you will also find this comforting.

 I shared the stage with my oldest daughter as she played in a Lacrosse Tournament all weekend.  Who schedules a tournament on Mother's Day?  A dad?  Any way, her team won the tournament and were declared the Champs!! It was really a nice Mother's Day gift to witness her work so hard at a game that she is still learning and loves.  If you have never experienced this beautiful game, I invite you to do your research.  The rules vary between boys' and girls'.  Lacrosse
We came home to relax and well, get ready for the week ahead.  The show never stops around here, but it was so nice to be recognized for a few hours.

  I LOVE being a Mommy!!


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  2. I hope you had a great Mother's Day and wonderful (even though I'm sure it was busy) week! DId you get my card? AND... is that GS Lillian I see? Miss you!

  3. I dunno how you do it with the three! i'm slowly adjusting and it's tough. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day, even though you had a lot to do for everyone else. I guess that's what being a mom is all about. You look lovely as always!!!