Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanks Living

1 Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Great Blue Heron, my favorite neighbor!

I guess you have wondered where might I have gone?  Or maybe why did I stop posting?  Is everything or everyone ok?  What's new?  I have been pondering many things while I have been away from this cozy little space here.  I have been fully engaged in a busy household, a tireless soccer/lacrosse/band mom, supportive wife to a traveling, executive husband, nurturing neighbor, and an avid blog reader among other things.  It has been almost a month since we last chatted here.  I have thought about writing for many days and the time was just out of reach for us to connect.  I have been so inspired by your posts and happenings on your blogs and in your lives.  I have spent may days in quiet contemplation with my Creator, seeking His wisdom on weighty matters and frivolous ones as well.  I have wondered what my days would look like if I did not have this space to chat with you or read what you have to say.  I have wondered what to discuss next?  I have wondered is there anything new to say?  Has it all been said and done?  

I know that many of us have asked these questions and will continue to ask them as long as we open ourselves up to this forum called blogging.  I might not have anything new to share with any of you now or later.  My life may continue to follow the mundane path that it currently is on.  I might post an outfit, craft, recipe or neither.  
It is all so uncertain at the moment.

  Yet, there are a few things that I am certain of....

I am eternally grateful to God for sending His Son, Jesus as a ransom for my empty, ruined life, my husband who loves every part of me(even the stubborn, not so lovable parts), my children who are truly jewels, my family who surround me with love and support even across the miles, dear friends who tell me the truth, even when it hurts, and for this little space to share my life as imperfect and flawed as it can be, with all of you who care to read and listen.  Thanks for reading and sharing with me as you have.  You are truly answers to a prayer that I prayed about having a creative outlet that would overflow and multiply.

Happy Thanksgiving....Living to you and your lovely families. 

 May God continue to enrich your lives as you share so much of yourselves with me and so many others.

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