Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anchors Away....

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Do you ever get caught up in a great book or follow an author's work because you find it absolutely captivating?  Well, this has happened to me and almost accidentally.  I stumbled upon a book or two by  Ann Rinaldi, while looking for books for my daughter.  You know there is a such thing as the Dewey Decimal system and card catalog via the computer, but not for me.  Yes, I am the one who looks for interesting, artful titles and spines.  I have to feel the glossy covers and pull book, upon book out to touch and smell the pages.  I know you well organized bloggers and my librarians out there are cringing as you read this!! Hold on, not so fast....I always put the books back in order and I never leave a mess.  Trust me, no book is ever harmed as I peruse the stacks! LOL

Any way, Ann Rinaldi, writes historical fiction and my oh my, her words lift me from here to there every time. She is mighty with her pen and always saves the day and leaves the reader to imagine a better world, one filled with hope and redemption.  I most recently was carried away by The Red Headed Princess: A Novel.  I finally passed it on to my daughter who is engrossed as we speak.  We always have wonderful dialogue about the books we share and it draws us closer every time.  We will look back one day and laugh at how we shared many books and discovered a favorite author.  Perhaps my granddaughter may read Ms. Rinaldi as well one day??  This is what I call creating memories.  Please check these titles out if you care too.

What is on your list of reads this week?  There are tons of titles out that are calling my name.  They will have to take a number as I have a nightstand overflowing with patience books, just waiting for me to open them up and be carried away.......

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