Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love Lately......


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I am so glad you all are so understanding and supportive.  I have really been trying to get my act together to post and have not been successful.  Oh well, here goes.  I have been pondering on a few things that I am really keen on these days.  No, not anything fancy, just some odds and ends so to speak.  For example:

These lovely bracelets(with my initials).  Why can't I post a photo??? Any way, please go to the site and ooh and aah...they are so simple, yet so chic.  They range in price, but most are so affordable that you could treat yourself to one or two or you get it!!  I already have my faves picked out and on the ready for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, my birthday, our anniversary and Christmas.  I know, so sad.  Check them out and you will understand.

My new InkJoy pens-Walmart, Belgian Chocolate from my sweet neighbor, Latest issues of Southern Living
and Real Simple

I have a few fetishes/favorites as we all do, but PENS.....are a crutch for me!! I have always been a kid about my writing instruments.  They can be high end or low end, it does not matter.  I just need a smooth, rich ink flow and life is GOLDEN!!  These pens will put a smile on your face...just sayin'.

  My neighbor is the best!! She recently went to Belgium for work and brought me and a few other neighbors back some beautiful Belgian chocolate, shaped like seashells!! How gorgeous and yes, they taste as gorgeous as they look!  Sorry kids, chocolate is for Mommy!!!

  SouthernLiving and RealSimple are my latest reads!! I should call them looks, because who can read them all before the next issue arrives?? LOL

I recently went to a wonderful conference at church and it was so amazing....I left feeling like royalty.  I wish I had more on this for you, but it really was a personal thing.  I would have to pour you a cuppa and just share with you face to face.

Bustin' a move in his shoe/boot!

My little Big man recently had a run in or down shall I say with a door frame.  He and his sisters were sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags and he rammed his little toe in the door frame!  Yes, I told him/them to stop and the last ride is when it happened.  OUCH!!  So, we ended up taking him to Urgent Care after he complained and limped for 2 days!! Thankfully, the x-rays revealed that he did not break his toe/foot.  Praise God!!  He wore a really cool shoe/boot for a week.  He had a hard time with it at first and then he came to the realization all on his own, that God allows things to happen to us so that we learn to trust Him to help/heal us.  What?  The wisdom of a 7 year old!!  He is all better and still blazing fast. 

So, this is all for now.........


  1. Your little boy is adorable! I love that he is dancing in his boot!

    1. Thank you. He is an "experience" for sure!! He is non-stop all day!!

  2. Aaaaaw...these little boys, eh? My eldest had an accident in the playground once and had to wear a cast too.
    And OMG! I've had those chocolates, Shon, and they are fantastic!

    1. Emmy, I put those chocolates in the freezer straight away!! You know, for a rainy day next month!! Ha ha!

  3. Confession ... I love pens too I can never leave Walmart or Target without new ones and ... I have THOSE pens!!! Love them =)

    Sorry your little Big man got hurt ... he's super cute! Loving the dance moves!

    World According to Shia

    1. Girl, I know!! These are my new faves!!
      Thank you, my little guy is running and dancing like nothing ever happened!;)

  4. I LOVE pens! And anything to do with stationary. My favorite are Le Pens. They're amazing and come in so many different colors.

    1. Girl, you have to try these though. I tried the Le Pens and they are too fine for me.