Saturday, November 2, 2013


My little Blue Morph/Blimp Man

I am not much of a Halloween fan, but will join in on the fun.  I was going to dress up like one of our all time childhood favorites, Mr. Rogers, but things did not quite work out.  Oh well, I settled for a jewel thief that could not contain herself or her loot!!  I might have to don my Mr. Rogers look another time for you all.  Don't worry about me following through, just stay tuned. 

I got a little "stressed"  as I had to scramble to get ready for the little pumpkins to stop by.  Our neighborhood has been deemed  the "place" to be and things get started around 5.  So when I was still working on my pasta sauce, the bell rang!! What??  The bagpiped parade of costumes is over already? Yes,  you read correctly.  My neighbor is a graduate of the military college here and every year he leads our procession of costumed cuties around the neighborhood by bagpipes!!  He is truly amazing and is always a hit!!  The parade seemed to end early this year since we did not attend. I thought I had more time to finish dinner, dress and help my kids get ready??  My husband was on his way in from a business trip and I was going it alone for the moment.  I quickly gave out candy to this sweet little fairy and ran back in to complete dinner, etc.  I wanted my kids to have a hearty meal to help absorb all the candy they would eat throughout the night. 

 Everyone was dressed and ready to go and of course I did not get a group photo??  What?  How did this happen??  Well, my youngest daughter was going with a group of friends, my son was waiting on my husband to come home and my oldest was going with friends in a different direction and I stayed behind to pass out candy.  Whew, I get a bit overwhelmed when things start to get out of my control, especially when I thought I had a handle on it all.  Anyway, it all worked out and candy was given, accepted and eaten!! I may or may not have eaten 3 or more pieces of candy as I prepared this post.

  How about you and your family??
 How did things go for you??
 Happy November!!

 Wow, can you believe it??

A sweet little devil(this is as far as she would go regarding a costume)
A not so inconspicuous jewel thief and a creepy doll who lost her props

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