Saturday, August 27, 2011

Style Icon: Coco AKA Collette Giddings


I will always wonder what happened to Collette Giddings?  We met years ago at college while taking a Business Statistics class.  She is responsible for introducing me to Hubs!! I would love to tell her that we are about to celebrate our 14 year anniversary and that we have 3 kids.  She would squeal with delight to know that her little match making skills paid huge dividends!!

She wore the most outlandish outfits, had the most eclectic style.  You could not keep your eyes off of her, and she knew it.  She absolutely loved being "unique".  I was drawn to her bold fashion savvy and her laid back way she carried herself.  She did not take herself or life too seriously. She would in fact wear a towel like a turban with any outfit she chose, GET THE PICTURE?? If she did not have the towel   uh, turban on, then it was a wig of some sort.  She would be the subject of many student's whispers.  They would talk about her behind her back, but it did not bother her.  Coco, was free and lived outside the BOX, on the cusp of her style movement.  Some viewed her as an outsider, or a rebel to the "establishment", CONFORMITY, yet, she was a BREATH of fresh air to me!!  I teetered between both worlds, looking for acceptance among my peers, yet, secretly admiring this young woman who threw the gauntlet down on the "Preppy, college society that we all diligently clamored to be a part of.   She wore the brightest, loudest lipstick, long, brightly colored nails,big glamorous shades, a nose ring, and vintage clothes.

  I have thought about her for years now since graduating, etc.  I have tried to find her on FB and  have asked other college mates if they have seen or heard from her.  It is almost like, she just..... vanished.  She would be so proud of me blogging, my marriage, my children, she would be so fun to interview and introduce you to.  I pray that she is well and at peace with her life.  She was a dynamic person with such a bright future. 

I salute you, Collette Giddings(COCO), Style maven, wherever you are......These are a few "tame" items I feel she would rock NOW!!!


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  1. Hello Shon, I understand that you are looking for me!! This is Collette (Coco) Giddings from college and I would love to see you and your family. The article that you have written about me is heart felt and I truly appreciate the kind words. I am proud of you and your blogging style. Please call me soon at 817-682-6703. This is a blessing from GOD!! Keep up the good work lady..

    1. Dang Woman, Mrs. Shon described you to a T!!-lol We here at work wondering same @ what's up with Ms Personality nowadays. You can still EMail C. Guy & Myself @ Michael.Gooden@FMR.COM Shon, she's right...GREAT WORK! My sis and niece does a lot of jewelry pieces like your friend. ~In HIM~ mwg THANKS SHON @ FINDING OUR FRIEND!

  2. Wow, how did you find me? My blog? I can not believe that you responded? Life is so hectic now, but I will make time to catch up with you soon. What a lovely surprise. Are you blogging too?