Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy

My father, the kids, and  the dogs at Thanksgiving, 2010

Today is my father's birthday!!  I will not be with him to celebrate, but we were just together last month for our summer trip.  I am believing for BIG things to happen for my Dad this year, super things that only God could bestow upon my father.  My Father is very special to me and I always want so much for him. You see, my Father did not always make the wisest choices in his younger years and has reaped some painful lessons because of those choices.  However, I know that God is mighty to save and mighty to change lives for HIS Glory.  There is absolutely nothing that is wasted in our lives.  I always want him to live toward his full potential, to realize that God has him in this season of his life for a reason.  We have a tendency to think that if we are not where we feel we should be, then, it is a waste.  God can and may use any season, circumstance to bless us.  So, I have resigned myself to the belief that this will be a very awesome year for my Ol' Man, my Dad, my Father, for he is the son of a King, the Most High God, who sits high and looks low, who gives new mercies every morning, who feeds even the flowers and birds without them even asking.  So, with great faith, I know that this will be an AWESOME year for my dear old Dad.

I love you Daddy......


  1. What a sweet family picture! Happy Birthday! xo style, she wrote

  2. Wow, thank you ladies. Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. such a beautiful family- definitely a blessing.

  4. how sweet. happy belated birthday to your daddy. that's actually my anniversary too! i love what you said about your dad and about God. and what a lovely picture!