Saturday, June 11, 2011


 From the weekend of May 20th

I had the honor this weekend of running to Atlanta for a dear friend's surprise party!! I had an enjoyable ride there and really reflected on how much I miss Atlanta and my dear friends there.  The weekend was a big ol' blur and I did not see everyone that I would have liked to.  I did manage to help my sweet friends prepare to surprise the birthday girl!! The popular saying that, "life is full of surprises", could not be any more true.  My friend, Anna had no idea that her hubs and friends would ambush her in the best kind of way.  She would later tell us how she woke up feeling really discouraged.  God knew what she needed and this party and celebration of a blessed and favored life was ordained in advance.  Our Father is in the business of lavishly blessing His children in the sweetest ways.  I believe that our dear Anna will cherish this birthday in her heart forever.  I am really glad that I was a part of a divine appointment to celebrate one of God's precious, Georgia Peaches.

Me and some of the sweetest peaches in Georgia!!  The birthday girl is wearing Green!!!

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