Thursday, August 6, 2015

20 things

Photo cred: My oldest daughter J
I was perusing Instagram yesterday and ran across my new friend Charlotte over at Milknhonee blog discussing her gorgeous outfit, hair, and music among other things.  She went on to share 20 random, not so random facts about herself and invited all her readers to do the same. Charlotte and I have some things in common.   So, since I am such a good sport I thought I would play along and ask my lovely readers to do the same!

Me and my Lil' Big Man, J.  He loves his Mama

1. My given name is Mashondola, it would sound like (Muh-shawn-duh-luh) or the ending would rhyme with gondola.  Confused now huh?

2. My favorite color is Orange, even though I don't wear it often.

3. I never, ever leave home without lip gloss or something on my lips!!!

4. I married my college sweetheart almost 18 years ago in October.

5. Like Charlotte, I have been smitten with Pixie cut since the 90's too, but it was Halle that inspired me.  I have since been growing it out and wearing my natural texture.

6. I am a pen fanatic and school supply shopping gets me HYPED!!

7. Guacamole and Pizza are my favorites, although not together!

8. Remember Mommy Dearest and how she went bananas over the wire hangers?  Well, let's say that I only buy plain white napkins and paper towels.  You can use your imagination to think on what happens when I buy the printed kind by mistake.

9. My favorite superhero growing up was Wonder Woman, those cuff bracelets though!  Where is she now!!

10. I love coffee, ok really I LOVE cream!

11. I am an encourager and with that I sometimes feel a little empty after pouring out towards others.

A little blurry, but Scooby's face is priceless

12. This dude Scooby has so much personality!  I am not sure how we managed to click at the right time to catch his tongue sticking out.  He is most certainly our best friend.

13. I enjoy a handwritten note in this fast world of internet and instant gratification!

14. I can find my way around a thrift shop in a jiff and put a stunner of an outfit I have been told.

15.  I don't mind slang and often use it at home and if I am laughing with my sister but certain words, IRK ME especially when used excessively.

16. Coconut and I had a bad break up on Halloween in 2nd Grade, thank you Mound's candy.  Ugh, I can still taste it.  These days however, Coconut oil keeps my hair and skin at its best.

17. I sometimes feel overwhelmed in my parenting, but I pray and trust God to give me the strength and He always comes through.

18. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall since it's not too hot or too cold.

19. Books online are not for me, give me the inked out written word every time.

20. I always try to extend a warm welcome to the "new" girl in the room as I was always the "new" girl growing up.

Ok, my beautiful readers, how about you?  Ready, Set, Share your 20 things.  We are linking back via the above link.  

Thanks and Happy Thursday!


  1. These are wonderful, love the picture of you and your son, he is beautiful :))) Happy weekend doll xx

  2. I love these posts, it's such a fun way to get to know people. Scoobie you is a cutie. I agree totally with #17 and #18.