Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Golden/Link up with Young Heart

Thrift finds....


I hit the jackpot the other day at the Thrift Store/Goodwill.  I have been meaning to try the Community Thrift
Store for some time, but due to timing, distance I have been unable to make it.  I usually make the Goodwill rounds because there are 3 in my 5-12 mile radius.  My little field trip was well worth the effort.  I got to the store and immediately spotted these beautiful Pebbled leather, gold J. Crew Driving Mocs!!  I noticed that they were my size, but did not try them on until much later.  Oh my!! These were meant for me and I can not fathom why they were in the store.  Did the original owner not wear them? Not like them?  Any way, they are all MINE!!!! Can you tell these are my favorite item from my haul?  I will list the other items from the store and Goodwill later in the post.  I have worn these shoes 2 times already.  My kids just laughed at my eagerness to wear them.  

American Eagle Tunic-$2.99

Our Local Team-.99

$3.99-For my daughter /Soccer

Talbot's Knit blazer-needs a bit of TLC-$2.99



For my daughter-$3.99 Goodwill

For my oldest daughter-$3.99 Goodwill


All this lovely thrifted goodness totaled:$38.89 for 11 pieces for my kids and myself.
  *Sorry Babe, as you read this know that I tried, but failed to score anything for you this time.
I am linking up with Wendy at her Weekly Thrift post here.


  1. Great finds! Loving those gold shoes and the plaid top.

  2. Great finds! I am jealous of the shoes!! I keep thinking I need to go thrifting but know that my little ones won't really be up for the treasure hunt... I'll keep waiting for a babysitter :) Can't wait to see you wearing your bargains!

  3. Your inspiring me to go to my local goodwill. Those shoes are the bomb! I want a pair like yesterday. I'm a bit jealous... heheheh

  4. SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Gold loafers from J. Crew at the Goodwill???? Who would have believed it! Great find. Can you please find the American Eagle Tunic in my size? Would be really cute with white jeans and heels.

    Love it,
    Nicky ;)

  5. I'm like you, I often wonder why they ended up there, I have found so many clothing items in like new or with the tags on. Great find, I would have been thrilled too!