Thursday, January 10, 2013

10.10.10-New Year Edition

It's that time again.  The first 10.10.10 of the new year!! YAY!! Cue the drums, drop the balloons and confetti!!  For those of you who haven't been around that long, this is where I post 10 photos, during 10 hours on the 10th day of the month!  So, sit back, sip your favorite coffee and ENJOY !!

1. Kendall's Freshly Shampooed Puff
2. Our calendar handmade by Jeremiah
3.  My sneaks and medal from the Rock&Roll Half
4.  A little bit of Christmas leftover
5.  Nana's Birthday card
6.  Warm Dog walking Emus
7.  Favorite drink, cup and reads
8.  Care package from Nana
9.  Sneaky Scooby
10. Clean laundry


  1. Gah!!! I love this and I love your choices - the calendar with Jeremiah's art is awesome!!! Seriously! And Cafe Du Monde is my guilty pleasure!

  2. Thanks so much! Jeremiah declared yesterday while working on a little project that he is an artist!! Love that!

    I love CDM and it is such a treat to have this in my house right now. Come by and have a cup with me!;)

  3. The dog is too cute! He is definitely looking like he wants you to hurry up and take the picture so he can go back to sleep... lol