Tuesday, January 7, 2014



I have been pondering a word for the year like so many of us lately.   I usually have a verse, quote, or scripture that I like to write on my heart and keep close all year long.  I sort of feel like this word DARE, such a small word, yet loaded with so much, has been on my brain for a while.  I prayed about it and feel like it is the one for me, this year, this season of my life.  So, without over thinking and making this so deep.....I throw DARE to the wind!  I have some things I want to step out and accomplish this year and although they are not huge in concept, but just the idea of taking the plunge is a big deal to me.   I feel like this word is limitless, shapeless, timeless, perfect, just for me or anyone.  What about you?  What will you dare to do this year?  Dream....Plan...Believe...Pray...Do...Achieve...Begin..Finish...Think...Read...See what I mean? 


Happy New Year!!!

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