Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Time to Celebrate and Almost Cry

I honestly do not know where the time has gone! I mean, I have been present in my life the whole time and I am still in awe of certain events.  Take my sweet, firstborn daughter for instance, she is this super kind, otherworldly type girl that has managed to turn 13!!! as if overnight??  She enjoyed her 13th birthday last week and it is still so surreal to me.   I remember when we would read Goodnight Moon, to her when she was an infant and then almost nightly, until she could read it herself.  We just knew she was gifted because she would quote it verbatim!! Ahh, young, new parents we were.  We later realized that she had heard it so many times that she had memorized it!  LOL, yet she still managed to be smarter than us.

  I am reminded daily that oh Mom, not Mommy, I am a teenager now!! As if, I am not aware of this very real, very hard and very beautiful fact.  This whole firstborn thing is a tough one.  It's like we knew all along that this moment would come, Lord willing, yet it still is so hard to swallow.  I have not had a breakdown by any stretch, but it still is hard to comprehend.  It seems like yesterday that I was holding my tiny, 6 lbs, 4 ounce baby girl that needed me for everything and now I have a budding young lady who is preparing to forge her own path, her way!!  She humbles me, astounds me, and just plain ol' makes me scratch my head most days??  I feel at times like I am not equipped to parent her or her siblings.  I know that God called me to be her mother, but this responsibility, this privilege, this honor, at times seems too great for me.  She is far wiser than I was at her age, so confident, so content in her own skin and she looks at life with  a steely determination that she can and will accomplish whatever she wants!!  She has lofty goals set for herself and I have been charged with assisting her in any way that I can.

 The clock is ticking so fast that I wish I could hold her so tight as to prevent her from growing up, up and away.  It's amazing actually to see her transform into this young lady, yet still see the girl in her eyes.  She has beautiful sparkly, bright, wide open eyes, with a heart to match.  She has such an easy way about her.  Her laugh is contagious.  What you see is what you get.  She is..... Authentic. Unique. Brilliant. Sincere. Confident. Caring.  

Goodnight Moon!!!

 This was suppose to be a silly one..pardon the items in the back...REAL LIFE happens here.

Now she is on-board with the silly faces! My husband in our spotlight background.

Necklace-Thrifted and Gifted
Bracelets-Old and New Friendship/bday bracelet
Shorts-Thrifted -Free People Similar(look at the details)
T' Shirt-Old Navy Similar
Skinny Jeans-Marshall'sSimilar

Putting up a strong front, yet crying inside.

The photos do not capture the beauty of the details in the shorts.

pleated poppy

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