Monday, August 5, 2013

The Accidental Post

***This post almost did not happen and I will tell you why.***

I was a little out of it during the planning of this  post. I was somewhere between my usual bubbly self and on the brink of an allergy attack( I have no known diagnosed allergies), but at times I feel a bit droopy in my eyes and body.  Don't look too closely, as I have bags packed for a long trip.

  I pulled myself from bed to get ready for church and thought I would wear a thrifted dress that you have yet to see.  I remembered at the last minute that, yikes, I had not shaven my legs in days!!!  I have been living in running shorts, literally.  I have been jumping on the streets by 6 most mornings and showering and putting a fresh pair of running shorts on afterwards to lounge and hang with the kids.
Then BINGO, I remembered that Inspiration Monday, was today!! Woo hoo and I usually prepare on Sunday for Monday's post!! Ok, so there, my secret is out.  What can I say?  I try my best to be as efficient as possible and wearing an outfit to church makes for an easy Monday post!! 

I also want to introduce my sweet photographer to you.  She is a lovely tween who happens to be my second oldest child!!  She is very patient with me so I tend to work with her because she is so gracious to take my photos.  Guess who also decided to join us?  That's right, my little Big Man squeezed his way in the photo wanting to be included!! I love it!

 I hope you all have a lovely Monday and why don't you pop on over to two birds??

  We are having loads of fun there today!!

This entire look has been seen here in one way or the other. Discounted and Thrifted


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