Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Style

Do you ever just flat out score a deal for.....FREE??  I mean totally, absolutely free?  I recently was driving my Soccer carpool and decided to drop by a thrift store while the girls were at practice.  Uptown Cheapskate has been in our community for a couple of years and I originally thought they were a little pricey for "traded" or "exchanged" goods.  On this particular morning I decided to give it a go again to see what I might find.  

I tried on a few dresses that I like but once I saw the Dry Clean Only tags I decided to leave them behind.  The item has to really be special for me to take on Dry cleaning.  I factor this in when I am thrifting because it could possibly add up to paying full retail if it's worn frequently.  As I was about to leave the store I noticed a beautiful resin bangle that will be perfect for Maxis in the Spring and Summer months!!  I quickly remembered that I had a credit and I produced it from my wallet and what do you think happened?  Yep, the total I paid was $0!!

 The moral to this story???  It pays to keep checking your favorite thrift and resale shops because you never know what lies in store(really)for you on any given day.  I always keep any discounts, credits or coupons(Goodwill) in my wallet for those spontaneous stops.  When you donate to Goodwill you get a 10% coupon to use toward purchasing.  You can also earn points every time you shop.  It pays to be prepared and to shop resale!!

How about you?

 What have you scored for free or nearly free lately?


  1. Shon! I don't get what happens to your comments? Didn't I comment here the other day? But it says "no comments".


    Anyways, thanks for selecting your fave Valentine top. When I was in school {high school} a few Cheerleader {yes, I was a cheerleader, hard to believe, huh? lol} gave me a sweater for Christmas! A whole sweater! I was like - shocked - and that is what I wished I could do with each one that said the shirt they like. I WISH I COULD GIVE IT TO ALL MY CHEERLEADERS - You Guys! ♥

  2. I've gotten stuff for free at CVS with coupons, sales, rewards, etc. It is the BEST feeling!

  3. Shon, what a score. I love all of the colors in that bracelet. You hair is growing out fabulously. My hair is coming along slowly. How many months have you been growing it out? I hope you have a great Valentines.


  4. That bangle is really cute, what a deal. There's no better feeling than getting something for free. I dont remember the last time I got something for free. Thanks for sharing your thrifting tips I will have to keep this in mind :)
    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Thanks. It is all about community when if comes to fashion, bargains, etc.

  5. Look forward to seeing what you wear this with. Cute and you can't bet the price!

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Yes, it stares at me daily and I am itching to wear it.