Friday, February 7, 2014

Date night: Dream Outfit

As I was putting this post together I realized that I never wear dresses when going out?  I know, shocking huh?  I guess I vaguely remember wearing them in the Spring and Summer months when it's so easy to style a Maxi and have the time of your life.  Yet, during the unpredictable freezing, rainy months you can catch me in layers and boots.  Although my last post would suggest that I have a new favorite dress that can be worn layered with boots!! Hoo-ray!! 

 When I put this set together I thought about how I would love to dress on date night, but don't.  We are in a stage of our lives where date night does not call for a sassy LBD or laser cut heels.  I could totally wear all of these items with a blazer and a great pair of Boyfriend jeans and call it a day/night.  I wanted to push myself out on a limb and dream a bit.  I also kept every thing black, but added a strong red lip!  Again, I am reaching a bit as I would probably never wear all black or a bold red lipstick/gloss.

  Happy Weekend to you all.

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Date Night

Date Night by classicfunk featuring a lip gloss

Orla Kiely dress
$565 -

Black sandals
$62 -

Precis Petite black purse
$80 -

ALDO ring


  1. Here's some fun choices! I love the shoes and this would look so fabulous on you. Really pretty accessories too.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. I really would totally wear this as is.