Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 Lame disclaimer:  I do not have any wedding pictures to post...I'll post at a later date.

You were always so kind, so sweet, so loving and patient with me.  You were always a gentleman and held me close and made sure that I was away from the street when we walked.  You were always so boyish, athletic and full of vigor, and you still are.  You vowed to take care of me and give me room to grow into the woman that I am becoming.  I vowed to love you unconditionally without any strings attached, allowing you to grow into the man that you are.  We vowed to always be honest with each other and let God have full reign in our marriage.  We vowed to never let the sun set on our anger, but to forgive and let forgive.  We were friends first and I am honored to still call you my best.  You make me want to be a better woman, wife, mother........
My heart still beats fast when I see you.  I still see the cute boy with a 4.0+ grade point average from Los Angeles, in Statistics class.  I still laugh out loud at all your jokes and think that you are the most brilliant man I know.  I can not believe that we are celebrating 14 years of marriage. I can only imagine what lies ahead for us.  I knew then and I do now, that God picked you for me.  Thank you Lord, for the privilege of being set apart to become Ivars' wife.  I love you.

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  1. this is so sweet. i love hearing about marriages full of love! in a world where so many people divorce, it's so inspiring to hear how much two people enjoy and appreciate each other!!!