Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I think I am in a RUT??  Do you ever feel this way?  I need to organize my things, purge, regroup.  The kids started back to school and I am sort of floundering in some areas and flourishing in others.  It is the strangest thing to not be organized when I thought I was all prepared?  Oh well, I digress, here is the outfit for today.  I decided to PRESS ON!!  I will be at the drawing board, literally getting my act together.

Tank-Target, Skirt- Kohls, Belt-Francescas, Bag-Target, Flats-Old Navy

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. love that skirt. it's got great details and i like the belt you paired with it.

    i get in ruts all the time. right now i'm annoyed at myself for not doing the laundry. i should just go and put it in the basket and put it in the machine now. but instead i'm sitting on the couch blogging :)

  2. Hee, hee!! You always make me smile. Thank you!! I feel like I have so much to work with, yet I don't always pull it all together?? I know that in time it will all work out. Enjoy your day and go start that machine!! ;)