Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Hair...

I am in month 3 of my natural hair journey. I really did not start the year with this big "to-do" list regarding my hair. I was sort of bored and wanted to stay true to my authentic self, so here I am....rocking the 3rd month of my TWA or teeny weeny afro. I am really excited about this venture in my life and I look forward to all the highs and lows(if there are any lows) of this journey. So far, I have had pretty nice growth and my texture is as I remember it from a little girl!! Wow, remembering the original me that God made!! I am trying my best to live in the now and not focus so much on the length I want to have later. It is soooooooo tough though, as I daily tune in to hair blogs, vlogs and countless youtube hair sensations!! I hope that you sit tight, stay tuned and continue the journey with me.

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