Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Sew Easy+ A Discount

I started a sewing project last week and have been itching all week to work on it.  I have not had a free second to lend.  I could always burn the oil and go for it, but it is not wise to sew under fatigue, stress or illness.  I had to exercise extreme discipline to walk past all of my pattern pieces and supplies this week.  It is  so difficult to run to answer the door and catch my project and sewing supplies in my peripheral vision.  It is so hard to complete some duties in the house, i.e. laundry with the hopes of jumping on my project, only knowing that I can not because I need time.  So, I must wait and be patient....reminds me of my new favorite song by Mumford and Sons.  Do you know that one??  I love it!! Sing with me now, I will wait, I will wait for you.  Patience...Waiting...Peacefully...Until later next week I hope.  Would you like to take a peak at what I am making? I am really excited about it and without further adieu......

I am so close to wrapping this up and yet still have a lot to do.  I must bide my time.  I will follow up with you all once it is completed.  Oh, in case you are wondering?  It is a handbag!!! You know how this works right?  This is a gift for a dear neighbor, but now I want one and I want to make a ton and give them away.  Oh, I must pace myself.  Slow and steady wins the race right?

I have an announcement!!!  Remember the Kohl's Simply Vera Wang shoes I featured on yesterday?  Well, the kind folks over at Kohl's ran across my blog post and offered you wonderful readers a discount that can be stacked/layered(we love to layer) with one other code until March 9, 2013, at

I fancy these......

Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform Wedge Sandals - Women

Simply Vera Vera Wang Ballet Flats - Women

Thank you Kohl's!!!

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