Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What A Lovely Surprise!

I have been on a mission all week to complete a project that I have been planning for months!  I got all my supplies ready and everything and every time I got ready to jump head first into the thing, the kiddies were ready to take on the next adventure.  Well, I kept putting it off and the jones kept naggin' me.  So, last night I was finally able to make progress on this and today I was able to complete it.  Thank you to this crafty lady.  Please stop by and browse her neat blog.  You will probably recognize the fabric I used from here.

My very first camera strap. 

I have been so obsessed focused on getting this project completed, that I have neglected my blogging duties, hence, no fun outfit posts, running updates, sage wisdom and inspiration or faves, link ups, etc!

 In fact, if it were not for my email subscription to this wonderful blog, I would have missed this lovely and timely surprise!  I am truly humbled and grateful that Shelly gave me a shout out today! If you have never stopped by Shelly's chic blog, then I highly suggest you do! She has a really neat point of view and designs stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry!!!

Well, I guess I better go and collect my thoughts, since this little blog won't write itself!!

What about you all?  What have you been jonesin' to create or finish? 

Happy Week to you all!!

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  1. Ooh! Love the criss-cross quilting! Thanks for sharing, girl! (and for the link love) :)