Monday, March 19, 2012

You may not know this guy

This man is absolutely major! I mean, this man is serious! He is the business!  He is the Man!  I took a look at him last night and made the apparent discovery that he has been a part of my life for half of my LIFE!! I have known him for 20 years! I dated him for 4 and we have been married almost 15!!  I told him last night that I have known him for 20 years, half my life.  The BEST half!! He looked at me with the most loving eyes!!

 I love him with every fiber and tissue in my being.  I made a decision as we approach 15 together, that I would celebrate our love everyday, not wait for October to do so.

 Is this man perfect?  He is absolutely NOT at all.  Does he try his best, has he grown as a person, man, child of God, does he love me unconditionally, does he love and support his children, is he faithful, compassionate, and loyal?  Hands down, absolutely, positively YES!! He is the man of my dreams, the keeper of my heart, the one I will love forever! He is the man for me, the only one that God created for lil' ol', imperfect, flawed me.

  So, let the festivities continue, we have a life-long love and marriage to celebrate and I am just getting started!!!


  1. Aww so sweet :) Congrats on all those wonderful years together! xoxo

  2. what a touching post! it's always such an inspiration to see a couple who truly love each other more and more. this is what marriage should look like!