Friday, March 16, 2012

2 Weeks Down......Many More Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Running my first 5k, 2011


So, many of you know by talking to me regularly or by reading the blog, that I have been running lately.  Well, I have always sort of run, but would get on a nice roll for a while and then......STOP for weeks or months at a time.  I have been steady Eddie since December and I don't see these happy feet slowing down any time soon. I joined a running group, Black Girls Run! read more about them here, I am training for a 10K and a Half Marathon simultaneously!!!  I am really excited and elated to proclaim....dunt  dunna...horns blaring...."I AM A RUNNER!"  I know, whatever right?  It is really major to me because it is that thing that I said NEVER to.

 You know, those things that you see other people do or achieve and you think to yourself that you could or would never do that!!??  Well, for me it is running.  For me it always was about what I thought it had to be or look like, etc.  I decided that I could do this my way, stay in my lane and run my race, not the next person's.  People ask me all the time what's next, what is your mile time?  I am really not that interested in my mile time, I just want to start, enjoy the ride and finish safely.

It has brought me so much joy, just "doing" it, as the NIKE ad stated years ago!! I look forward to it and I even want to shop and style my running outfits??!! I know, who have I become??  Well, quite frankly, I am the woman that I want to be: strong, fit, confident, powerful, composed and relaxed!!  

I encourage everyone who will graciously read this, to find your "IT", your "THANG", and go for it!! I dare you to.  What's the worst that could happen?  You discover that you have hidden gifts, talents and abilities waiting to be released?  You might be pleasantly surprised!!  I was!!

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  1. Just now read this and had no idea that you haven't been running your whole life!!! You look way to "pro" out there when I see you at the track! The Diva is fast approaching...I'm way behind on training, but still doing it!