Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am really blown away by the generosity of Chris at Chubbette Tales !! She had an amazing IKEA give-away that I entered and WON last week!! I never win anything, no exaggeration here.  I was so overjoyed when she emailed to tell me that I won!! So, here are my fabulous prize(s):

A beautiful home decor book(that my daughters have assumed ownership of)
A candle
2 sets of festive napkins for hosting
A lovely frame
A sweet personalized note from Chris

I am in awe of how very sweet this gesture is and the fact that this is Thanksgiving Eve!!! I could go on about how I only know Chris via our blogs and how she lives in the Midwest and I live in the South.  I believe this is why receiving this was so much fun.

Chris, thank you, thank you so much again!! I am dreaming of a way to pay it forward in your honor. 
I invite everyone to check out Chris' blog, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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  1. You look so cute! I love this picture! I'm so excited the girls like everything as much as you do. Happy Thanksgiving, bloggi friend!