Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello: My Name is Sarah

Meet Sarah.  She is super stylish and such a sport to  agree to be photographed for this post.  I hope this is the start of something fun.  I am still getting use to asking for a great shot, or documenting all the stylish people that I see on a daily basis.   Sarah was so kind to answer a few questions for me.


1. What is your favorite color? Avocado Green
2. Where do you like to shop? Target, Ross, Community Thrift Store
3. Favorite accessory? Shoes, lots and lots of shoes ;)
4. Never leave home without?   My Calendar, Ipod, and journal.
5. Favorite song?  Settle Down by Kimbra (it's just so fun to dance to
6. Boots or flats? Boots! I love boots so much!
7. Clutch or tote? Tote! I "tote"ally love totes! :)
8. Do you have a fashion muse?  Who is it? Yes, My sweet grandma Donna! She is 84 and I still borrow clothes from her! :)
9. Describe your style? Sassy, unique, affordable Sarah!
10. Favorite hobby? Journaling while listening to music. I also love to bake especially around this time of  year!

1 comment:

  1. Sarah is so adorable! love her outfit, especially that great green bag!!