Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Leftovers

It's a wrap for now, until next year any way and the children had a blast.  All their visions for their costumes came together nicely.  Our oldest is studying Greek mythology in school and loves, loves, Athena, our youngest daughter decided on a Go-Go girl sans the white boots(not for growing tween girl feet), and our little big man decided on a skeleton.  I happily made our son's costume myself with a little help from hubs.  I painted his face, but he complained of the paint feeling itchy.  Please find the directions for the skeleton costume here.  I actually changed the pattern up a bit to fit his little size 6-7 fleece warm-up.  We all had a fun night and we look forward to next year's creativity.  Now, let's get ready give to THANKS!!!

Groovy Girl and Athena

One groovy chic, a Greek goddess and a cute skeleton


  1. How fun! Did you get to eat any of the treats they brought home?

  2. YEAH!! I had to cut myself off on Saturday night when a big ol' zit started to raise up on my cheek!!;) Too much of a good thing is NEVER good!!;)

  3. aww, loving these costumes! halloween is fun, though slightly exhausting. but the kids seem to love it, don't they? it's such a joy.

  4. Thank you so much. They really had a great time.