Monday, September 7, 2015

So Much to Celebrate: Noonday Turns 5 Years Old!!

I love a great celebration, don't you?  Right now there is tons to celebrate over at Noonday Collection and I thought I would pop by on this long weekend to share it with you.  I have had a blast these last few months sharing the Noonday story with so many people through home shows and via my Noonday site.  I am sure the time has flown by for those that have been around since its inception and it seems like milestones are created daily within this phenomenal company.  I can't help think of the impact that we all can have right where we call home! I invite you to browse my site and take part in the celebration. 

 You can still enjoy 20% off all Ugandan paper jewelry even if you are not able to attend a trunk show. 
I have included a few of the items that are currently 20% off.  Please find the complete list on my site.

 Noonday is making it so easy for everyone to take part in all the fun. 

 Happy Shopping!

 A few of my favorites listed here:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

20 things

Photo cred: My oldest daughter J
I was perusing Instagram yesterday and ran across my new friend Charlotte over at Milknhonee blog discussing her gorgeous outfit, hair, and music among other things.  She went on to share 20 random, not so random facts about herself and invited all her readers to do the same. Charlotte and I have some things in common.   So, since I am such a good sport I thought I would play along and ask my lovely readers to do the same!

Me and my Lil' Big Man, J.  He loves his Mama

1. My given name is Mashondola, it would sound like (Muh-shawn-duh-luh) or the ending would rhyme with gondola.  Confused now huh?

2. My favorite color is Orange, even though I don't wear it often.

3. I never, ever leave home without lip gloss or something on my lips!!!

4. I married my college sweetheart almost 18 years ago in October.

5. Like Charlotte, I have been smitten with Pixie cut since the 90's too, but it was Halle that inspired me.  I have since been growing it out and wearing my natural texture.

6. I am a pen fanatic and school supply shopping gets me HYPED!!

7. Guacamole and Pizza are my favorites, although not together!

8. Remember Mommy Dearest and how she went bananas over the wire hangers?  Well, let's say that I only buy plain white napkins and paper towels.  You can use your imagination to think on what happens when I buy the printed kind by mistake.

9. My favorite superhero growing up was Wonder Woman, those cuff bracelets though!  Where is she now!!

10. I love coffee, ok really I LOVE cream!

11. I am an encourager and with that I sometimes feel a little empty after pouring out towards others.

A little blurry, but Scooby's face is priceless

12. This dude Scooby has so much personality!  I am not sure how we managed to click at the right time to catch his tongue sticking out.  He is most certainly our best friend.

13. I enjoy a handwritten note in this fast world of internet and instant gratification!

14. I can find my way around a thrift shop in a jiff and put a stunner of an outfit I have been told.

15.  I don't mind slang and often use it at home and if I am laughing with my sister but certain words, IRK ME especially when used excessively.

16. Coconut and I had a bad break up on Halloween in 2nd Grade, thank you Mound's candy.  Ugh, I can still taste it.  These days however, Coconut oil keeps my hair and skin at its best.

17. I sometimes feel overwhelmed in my parenting, but I pray and trust God to give me the strength and He always comes through.

18. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall since it's not too hot or too cold.

19. Books online are not for me, give me the inked out written word every time.

20. I always try to extend a warm welcome to the "new" girl in the room as I was always the "new" girl growing up.

Ok, my beautiful readers, how about you?  Ready, Set, Share your 20 things.  We are linking back via the above link.  

Thanks and Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I have been living in work out clothes and less than inspiring t'shirts and shorts lately, but come Sunday I take a little more time for ME!  I am still experimenting with my hair as it grows out and have all but abandoned the idea of getting braid extensions(not a favorite choice among my people  family!)  So, here I am with a fun style that I am enjoying at the moment and need I share the obvious that it is so easy and low maintenance?  This summer heat is absolutely disrespectful and therefore hair and wardrobe choices have to be simple. I am enjoying this dress that my sweet sister sent to me for my birthday and I have new makeup(that is a different post.)  I have been adding WOW to my outfits with my fabulous Noonday Collection jewelry.  I know I shared with you here that I signed up to become an Ambassador with Noonday back in June!  I can not tell you how this decision has changed my life!  I invite you all to check out my site to learn more about this vehicle for change and empowerment. Noonday Collection is all about building a flourishing world, where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs and we are connected. Our Fall line launches tomorrow and it is absolutely breathtaking!   Tune in tomorrow on my site for all the Fall fierceness.

Feathered Fringe Earrings, People stop me on the street asking about these earrings!
Very Versatile Bracelet, Delta River Bangles(SOLD OUT) African Basket bag, treasure from Asheville, NC,  Dress, gifted from my sister, Shoes, last year

My Do' at the, fun

I am linking up on The Pleated Poppy and please check my site for all the Fall fierceness!!
Enjoy the rest of the summer and Happy First Day of school to your kiddies!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

(#OurProject52) Favorite

Winter Sunset in the South

These 3 are wild and dangerous....called and set apart 

4 years old here and thought Old Navy needed help with the displays

Just stopping by on a break from summer fun and mischief to say hello and share a few "favorite" photos with you.
I hope that you are having a gloriously relaxing fun filled summer?

Happy Fri~YAY!!
Lipgloss and Binky

PS The Noonday Collection Sale is Underway!! Hurry, hurry!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Few Pretty Things

These pretty items are now on sale!

Update, CURL-aversary and a HUGE announcement!!

So you remember how I was growing my hair from relaxed, chemically straightened to my natural God given curl?  Well, it has been a year, a glorious year with ups, downs, doubts, setbacks, highs, lows and most certainly triumph!  I am celebrating 1 year of cutting my hair super short to now realizing some major growth.  You really can't tell but if I stretched my hair out you would see bangs to the tip of my nose and almost chin length!  The process has been anything but easy and I am so thankful for the supportive listening ears of dear family and friends!  I am not sure how long I will grow my hair out?  I have a few ideas, but don't want to get to far ahead of myself.  I guess you will have to stay tuned to see.  There are days though when I feel like short is so me and why am I growing it anyway?  Then there are days when I feel that if I don't grow it then I will never know what I am missing.  Am I missing anything long hair ladies?  I mean a topknot although many months or a year away is intriguing but is it worth the wait?

June 2014
June 2015

In other news, the children are now on Summer Break as of yesterday!! The oldest has completed her Freshman year of High School!! Where did Freshman year go??  The time really flew by, for reals!!  Our youngest daughter is going to 8th grade and our son is going to 4th grade!!  I am in awe of how quickly this is all happening right before our eyes!!  It's fun to experience and of course bittersweet as well.

I am starting a new adventure that I have been praying about, dreaming of for a while now and I am thrilled to announce that I am a Noonday Ambassador!  I am really excited about this and can not wait to get started.  It came with a little nudge by my kids to finally sign up and so, here goes.  I am starting small with hopes of growing and developing a great partnership with the company, ambassadors and artisans over time.  I have so much on my plate, but knew it would never be the "right" time to sign up if I did not now!  So, with this said, please take a look at Noonday Collection and partner with me on this exciting journey!!

This just in....a serious Sale going on now!! Hurry before items are gone!

My kids also encouraged me to join the Instagram Community! What? Who? Me?  I know, I am the last woman on the planet to join, but since I am starting my Noonday journey it is a great time to take part!  So, if you feel so inclined, please follow me @SValdry and I will follow you back!!

Whew, I think that is all for now!  Thank you all so much for sharing with me here during all the ups, downs and inconsistent posting!  I really appreciate the you all! 

 Happy, safe Summer to you and your loved ones.

Friday, May 8, 2015

B&W(Our Project 52, #18)

I know it has been a minute since we last chatted and so much has happened.  I hope this post finds you all well and looking forward to celebrating the Moms in your life or being celebrated yourself??  I am just popping by to share a little Black and White photo as part of the Photography challenge I am participating in.   Do you remember that one? LOL.  I have many things I would love to chat about and have missed you all terribly.  I look forward to being here soon.  Have a wonderful weekend and please enjoy the photo!

The beach at Hunting Island, SC