Friday, July 24, 2015

(#OurProject52) Favorite

Winter Sunset in the South

These 3 are wild and dangerous....called and set apart 

4 years old here and thought Old Navy needed help with the displays

Just stopping by on a break from summer fun and mischief to say hello and share a few "favorite" photos with you.
I hope that you are having a gloriously relaxing fun filled summer?

Happy Fri~YAY!!
Lipgloss and Binky

PS The Noonday Collection Sale is Underway!! Hurry, hurry!!


  1. Shon, your little ones are not so little anymore, eh? Great to see these cute pics, and great to hear from you again:)

  2. Great pictures. I think every kid loves having their picture taken with those mannequins. Too funny. Love the photo of the three of them together. Cute. You all are so blessed.

  3. I {heart} the sunset pic!! And you have a beautiful family!! ;)

  4. Love the photos of your children! They are all beautiful!