Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Fall Ya'll-Thrifted and Gifted

The days of summer are almost over in my neck o' the woods and I am pretty excited about it.  I am not even ashamed to tell you that I "just" enjoyed my first PSL(Pumpkin Spice Latte), today!! I know, I know, what was I waiting on?  I guess I just wanted to let the anticipation build for a moment.  It was all that I knew it would be and more!! 

I, like many of you am looking forward to layers, scarves, booties, wraps, jackets, trenches, riding boots, hats, etc.  For now, I am elated to wear my "thrifted and gifted" items that were too warm to wear a few days/weeks ago.  I never set out to wear an almost all thrifted outfit, yet it almost, always happens that way.  Take today's outfit for instance, it is mostly thrifted and partly gifted.  Can you tell or do you remember which items are thrifted and which are gifted? 

 P.S. My favorite soccer playing photographer is back on board!  She had no conflict today and was willing and available to snap these for me!  I love her so. 

I am not sure where I got these earrings from.  They are more than 5 years old!!  Oh, do you see some sparkle in my hair?  Another blog post on that later!!

Goodwill find/Forever 21 top/similarGoodwill find/American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans/Similar
Booties/Gifted from my sister

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