Friday, September 27, 2013

Everything That Sparkles Is Golden/What I'm Loving Fridays

So, if you remember from my last post I mentioned sparkles in my hair?  I have always had dark, very dark brown hair, but always knew my true roots would come to the surface sooner or later.  You see, my lovely grandmother and her mother and 2 sisters all were blessed with the splendor of silvery white hair early in their lives.  I have always loved and admired my grandmother's beautiful silken locks and had an idea that my very locks would one day begin to "sparkle".  This is my lot, my heritage, part of my ancestral genes.

  Well, as sure as I embarked upon my triumphant middle years I noticed that I had to use a special, magical liquid to cover and conceal my strands.  This became a very laborious task that I frankly no longer wanted to participate in.  Yet, I pressed on because who wants "Silver" hair before they reach their middle years and beyond?  I mean, everybody colors their hair right??  It was earlier this year that I returned to a hairstylist that I went to in the past and she sort of challenged me about growing out the Silver?

  This was also right after I was shopping in a local craft store, where I met this beautiful mother/daughter duo who rocked Silver strands in their hair.  I could not help but complement them and ask them about their "hair" journey.  Oh, they perked up and shared how they were "creatives" and bucked the norm of dyeing their hair to please people, etc.  This was very enlightening and empowering to hear.  I just went to my craft store to buy beads and walked away fired up to walk into my destiny, my heritage if you will, and own what was rightfully mine.

 Well, a funny thing happened the next week on my way to liberation.  I was at the bus stop and made some small talk with the other moms and thought I could share.  After all, I have known them for 6 years and they have been supportive of me in the past.  I mentioned the decision to grow my Silver strands out and oh my, one of them about fell off of her feet.  She immediately informed me that she could not do that and that I should reconsider and after all it's just color.  She went on to tell me that when it did not work out, I could always color it.  Oh wow, that made me even more determined to grow my hair out.  I lovingly reassured her that it would "work" out and that it could work and my husband is fully on board and in love with me, the girl he fell in love with 16 years ago, not my inanimate hair!!

 So, here I sit 4 months post cutting the last of the special, magical liquid color from my now Salted, Sparkled, Platinum, Silver, Splendid, Bedazzled locks.  I have more dark, dark brown than Silver at the moment, but it is found treasure when a new strand peeks through.  I can't tell you how many people complement me daily on my hair, never mentioning the twinkly, sparkle they see or how my husband affirms me all the more.   I consider myself in great company, take a look:



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