Monday, July 8, 2013

A Forgotten Treasure

Jade Bracelet, Initial Bangle, Golden Bangle

I remembered something recently, something that meant so much to me a long time ago.  Do you have a favorite fragrance, song, a pair of earrings, or necklace, etc. that means the world to you?  Or marked a specific moment in your life?

  Well, for me, that would be the Jade bangle that you see in the picture above.  I remember after graduating college and running away from the big ol' state of Texas, to the other big ol' state of California, to work and begin my "big" girl life, I bought this bangle.  It was after I scored my second of two major jobs, that I had to have this Jade bangle I saw in a shop in LA, where I lived and worked at the time!  This bangle was gorgeous and meant my first real paycheck, freedom, independence!! It also would be a mark in time, a defining moment.  In the Asian culture, a Jade bangle is a very significant possession.  It is adored not only for its natural beauty, but for its healing and protective properties, etc.

  Like many things that we hold near and dear to our hearts, it got lost in the jewelry box of life. It was shuffled, boxed and bagged from move to move, state to state.  I recently dug it up and upon sight, it conjured up so many memories from that time.  I will always believe that I truly "grew" up and became a woman in LA.  I learned so many life lessons during that time, like how to survive driving on the 10 (Interstate 10) or the 405!! Yikes, traffic is legendary, but if you can drive in LA, you can drive anywhere!!   I really learned to believe in God with my whole heart.  I was faced with many challenges that I know took a grown woman's faith to withstand.

 So, the bangle is more to me than just a lovely piece of jewelry,  it is a constant reminder of my stepping out in faith and growing up.  I have worn it several times, but am careful not to wear it all the time.  I look forward to passing it on to my daughter's one day and sharing with them how well esteemed Jade is to so many and my lessons learned while growing up in LA.

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