Friday, July 27, 2012


 I am linking up today with Long Distance Loving for My Friday's Fancies with some fun, refreshing, Summer time treats! What can I share? I did not actually put any clothing items on since my belly decided that my fave treat did not need any props.  You may have a location in your area?  Maybe not?  I grew up with TCBY, but Menchies is by far, my favorite.  I am not so sure that it tastes better than TCBY or if it is the merchandising and colorful decor?  Oh, who am I kidding? It is the BOGO coupons that are in my mailer once a month! I do not partake unless I have a coupon in my bag!  It is like Christmas around here when a coupon is present.  The kids love it and it is a fun time out together as a family.

I hope you enjoy a fun treat out this weekend with your family and loved ones.  By the way, check out the link up and share your favorite Summer treat with us.

Well, if I were to add some props or toppings, it would be these:shown here
Too sweet!!


  1. A Menchie's just opened up near them!! Cute letters :)


  2. yummo! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Some Menchies right about now would be great! Have a good day.