Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello: My Name is Tamara

Hi, meet Tamara, my beautiful and gifted sister-in-law!! She came all the way from the City of Angels, that's Los Angeles, for those not familiar with the term, to visit for Christmas!! We had such a wonderful time, laughing, eating, watching movies, playing marathon games of Scrabble, Just Dance 3 and sight-seeing!! The children really enjoyed fun sleepovers and late-night laugh sessions with their aunt.  She is incredibly gifted in the arts and very stylish.  I asked her if she would let me photograph her and post it on my little blog.

So, here's Tamara:

What is your favorite color?  Orange and Purple(She's an artist, so it's hard to choose one color)
How would you describe your style?  Bohemian Chic
What is your go-to accessory?  Bracelets, pile em' on
Who is your style icon? Donna Karan
Which celebrity's style do you like?  Diane Keaton
Ink or keys? Favorite way to capture your thoughts?  Ink!! I love a journal and fun pens.
Favorite book?  The Shack
Coffee or tea?  Coffee
What inspires your artwork?  Nature
Favorite musical artists?  Jason Upton and Rachelle Ferrell
Favorite dance style? Afro-Cuban infused worship dance
What is in your purse?  Wallet, makeup, book, keys, earrings(back-up pair), pens, hand sanitizer, hand cream, Vitamin E cream, ponytail holder, and cell phone
Favorite movie?  The Adjustment Bureau


  1. I know they are really cute, short with cowgirl detailing. She got tons of compliments while she was here.