Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Few Great Things

Nichole's  from  Goodwill
Juicy Couture Flats $20
Our family road trip would not be complete without me making some time to research a few vintage shops in Houston.  The city is bursting with great shops and boutiques in almost every nook and cranny.  My sister( the fabulous Nichole) and I took to the streets of an area called Upper Kirby.  We shopped at a Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and the Leopard Lounge.  We had such a wonderful time and get a load of the buys we came away with.  Please forgive me for not taking a photo of Nichole.  I had every intention to snap a few shots of her and I totally forgot because of all the super buys to be had.  She did really well at Buffalo Exchange and I will post the items that she scored!! Way to go Nick!!  I still wish they had Juicy Flats for $20 in my size.  Buffalo Exchange is a store well stocked with all sorts of second hand greatness.  It is a Green way to shop and resale your clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.  They have many locations across the country and you might even have one in your town!!  I will be sure to include all these amazing shops on my list the next time I visit.
H&M Tweed Blazer-Goodwill

Leather Gladiator Sandals-Goodwill $5.00

Huge Tote-Buffalo Exchange

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