Thursday, March 31, 2011

Up From the Bright Valley....A birthday girl

Crisp air, fresh wind,
A flower that buds,
A bird's song of praise to God,
Sparkling, twinkling eyes like gems,
A bubbly spirit that is contagious,
Loquacious, inquisitive, optimistic, positive,
Vivid, creative, imagination that is ever blooming,
Ever painting, singing, dreaming, believing, praying, seeking,
A smile that ignites and burns so bright,
A friend to all, devoted sister, loving child,
God's little princess, His crown jewel,
Pink, Light, Hot, Rose, Magenta,
She wears these and many other coats of color,
She wears the meaning of her name well,
She is Up From the Bright Valley,
She is our little princess, that Marched into our hearts and lives forever, 9 years ago today, She is a dream, a treasure that we are ever thankful for, She is my Sunny Skye,
She is Kendall Skye Valdry, daughter of ours and the MOST HIGH.

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