Thursday, October 10, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...Trendy Thursday

I don't know if it is a national craze or just a little "thing" going on in my little quaint, beach town??  I feel like I have a case of deja' vu 3 times over.  I have seen the Silly Bandz hysteria, the Braided Bungee Cord Bracelet phenomenon and now the Rainbow Loom madness has fallen upon us like torrential rain.  They are everywhere and on every child's wrist, including my own.  I have seen parents, siblings, teachers, principals, well, the whole community wearing these colorful "bands".  They are at every stop light, on every corner, on every soccer field, every playground and classroom.  The kits contain every thing you need to get started and you can purchase additional colors and fasteners separately.  Be warned before you go running off with a coupon for here and there, the stores do not offer or accept any discounts on this product!!!!

  So, what's a mom to do when her son comes home and asks for his very own bracelet kit?  I ran out and bought him one that he will have to earn back for jobs done around the house and good behavior at school.  He is a few days in to earning his kit and boy, is he eager to get his hands on it.  He has been very diligent with completing his regular every day/week chores and tackling some extras here and there.  The possibilities are endless in regards to what you can make with this kit.  I have seen moms sporting rings and soccer girls with headbands and ponytail holders!! I think a ring might suit me?  What do you think?  Do you have a kit in your craft room?  Has the craze, trend, fad taken over your town?  If not, stay tuned as I am sure it is coming to your town next.

***This is not a paid endorsement or product review, simply my personal experience and opinions.***

My little "Recycler" repurposed this egg crate for his bands!!  LOVE him!!

His arm candy/the fishtail effect

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