Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Happs...

 What a whirlwind of a weekend I had.  I went to a little Happy hour that my neighbor hosted right after school.  It was really simple with light snacks and chat while the kiddos jumped on her trampoline.  It was what I needed to kick off the weekend.  I went home to our weekly family pizza party and then you won't guess what happened next?? Yeah, I fell asleep at 11 because I was getting up the next morning at 4:15!! Yeah, you read it right, 4:15 to run 12 miles with my running girls!! Ugh, it was a long, cold, chilly and challenging run!  It was on the other hand, absolutely gorgeous as we crossed the iconic Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge into Charleston, along the historic Battery and back again.  It is amazing to me every time we take this route how the city is asleep as we start out and how it stirs to life as we make our return. 

It was then on to basketball, soccer and my oldest had lacrosse practice!!   I hit a wall after all of the activities and had to go home and rest a bit since I was still pretty wiped out from the morning run. I am happy to report that the laundry is still in need of being completed, etc.

This weekend also was chock full of fun treats that I received by snail mail/email!  I ordered a few personal items last week and won a giveaway that I actually forgot that I entered.  It was a little like Christmas when all the little packages started trickling in. Ok, so I know you want to know what I got:

100% Pure

Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer

 I am trying to transition to all natural makeup and skincare.  I will update you on how it goes.  So far, so good. The color is my perfect shade and it feels like velvet on my skin.

I have been really loving this site lately and I need to get into it more.  I know we are all inundated with passwords, pins, likes, friends, etc., but this is really a fun site and what a friendly  They emailed me and requested that I share their site with 2 friends and they would send me a t'shirt! Well of course I shared with my sister and sister-in-law and guess what?? I got a t'shirt and nice post card in the mail stating that I am a "keeper"! LOL  So, check them out and join the fun!!!

I recently went to a Natural Hair show and fell in love with this product..  Although I am no longer wearing my hair in its naturally curly state, my kids do.  I ordered a jar of this and I wish that you could experience the luxurious texture and scent through the screen....YUMMO!!  I shampooed my little Big man's hair last night and while it was still damp I rubbed a little bit of this product in his hair.  Oh my,  I have been inhaling his hair all day!! LOL

I am so excited about this artist and her work.   I am thrilled that I won a print featured on the beautiful new mom, Nuha's blog(Habibi).  There are so many great items in the collection, that it is hard to choose.  Please stop by and congratulate Nuha and stop by Brittany's shop and grab a print or 3.

Well, what do you think of the Grammy's so far??  I am still waiting for that awesome, breathtaking performance! Have we seen it yet?

Happy Chinese New Year-Year of the Snake. 
Happy Week to you all!!


  1. Gosh...just reading about your weekend made my tired:P Way to go with the running, Shon! Wish I can do something like that someday....
    And watched a bit of the Grammys, and loved JT's performance and the Bob Marley tribute. Other than that, I thought it was ok. I'm so behind with new artists I didn't really know some of the nominees:(

  2. What a jam packed week! I went out with my friend to watch at a restaurant. It was fun hanging out. I was waiting for the marley tribute and ll cool j. Both were a disappointment. :/

  3. good for you for trying to go all natural...i really love that idea. and also good for you for that early morning 12-mile!! i can't wait for warmer weather so i can run outside!!