Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Your Mark.....


A few weeks ago I ran my first 10K(6.2 miles) race!! I was so excited about it and have trained for weeks to run it.  I wondered about how I would feel, if I'd be hydrated enough, would it be fun, did I get enough rest days prior to the race?  I tried to remember all the sage advice from my peers and neighbors who have completed this race in the past.  It all went out of the window, because so many things went wrong with the race, even though most of us who ran would not find out until the end.  I will tell you that many things went right with my race.  I paced with one of my running mates from Black Girls Run!, I was hydrated, I was prepared to take on the course and I saw a friend(out of 40,000 runners/walkers) from Atlanta!!  What is the likelihood of me running into a friend from my former city!!!???

Race Packet/Hmm could not flip image

The race is behind me and I am not sure if I will run this particular race again.  I felt almost territorial about the course since I run it every week with my running group.  We have the whole place, so to speak, to ourselves since we run so early.  The sun greets us as we complete our run and sometimes we see dolphins!! On race day, I could only see the backs of people, not my beloved views of the water.  I have decided that this race is not for me, but I won't say never.  I am preparing for the next race, Divas Half Marathon and 5K! I was a little apprehensive to be honest with you about this race, after my 10K experience. My family, friends and running mates have all encouraged me to continue on my path and remember my goals.  I have decided to move forward and train any way and leave the past in the past.  The race date looms with only a few weeks left to go.  I am running 10 miles this weekend with my group!!!! YIKES!! One mile at a time is all I can do right?  Thank you for your support and if you see me out there, Honk a friendly HONK!


  1. Congrats on the 10K! That's huge -- What a great accomplishment. :)
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  2. You rock! Keep it up, Miss Shon, Keep it up!

    Glad to see a post... I've missed ya!


  3. congrats on 10k! thanks awesome, you definitely rock!
    your activities sounds awesome!

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