Friday, February 10, 2012

10, 10, 10

I love a fun challenge and it was super exciting to run across this here.  So, I set off taking photos with hopes of doing my very own Ten for Ten post in February.  It reminds me of capturing and seizing kairos time, you know the time that is extended to us daily, those stolen moments, memories we make, our decision to stay and chat with a friend when you sense she still needs to, or when you play with your kid instead of clean the bathroom, or when you linger a while after you tuck your kids in bed, just to savor the moment.  I am all about being "present", "now" for my kids, so the bathroom might get a little overlooked in the process, but oh well.  So, what about you?  Will you seize the kairos moments in your life?

Frothy cup o' cocoa=cuddle time with the kids

Jeremiah got his library card-He's a Super Reader!

Scooby=A ball of energy

Self Portrait-Jeremiah

Jeremiah's book about Scooby=I love how he never adds his ears

Jaryn is selected by her 6th Grade teachers

Kendall's Colonial Days pottery project

IKEA Beloved Homes-my kids love this as much as me

Jaryn 6th Grade=every day is fun

Kendall 4th Grade=still having a ball


  1. I love that your kids love the Ikea book too! Hope you're having a great weekend... let's catch up next week!

  2. what awesome kids you have!!! i love savoring moments. we were all lying in bed together and at first i was thinking how uncomfortable i was but then i looked over at my precious babies and realized how perfect it was!