Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NYC State of Mind via MD and PA

This post is long overdue for all of you waiting to hear about the NYC trip.  

In one word, it was a BLAST!!  I was so excited to leave for my trip, but I was a little sad too because Ivars was away in Atlanta and would not be home before my flight departed.  This would be the first birthday in our almost 18 year history that we would not be together!!! Yikes!!! I had no idea that he would pop in the house in the nick of time to get me to the airport for my flight!! He left Atlanta, at 5 am and drove 5 hours to get home in time!! He still takes my breath away with his surprises. I was over the moon when he approached me with a hand full of roses!!  YAY!!  He whisked me to the airport where I took a flight to Maryland.  My dear sister in Christ, Myrtle picked me up and we drove to Philly to stay with another dear friend Heather.  The drive to Philly was so much fun as we caught up on life and laughed and laughed.  I knew it was the start of a great weekend with my Soul Sisters!!  We arrived in Philly to find Heather waiting to greet us with love and opened arms.  We all fell right into a conversation as if we had not been a part for the past 5 years!! Yes, you read correctly, the last girls' weekend was in 2006!! We were long overdue for some R and R and girl chat.  LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!

We left for NYC the next morning after a quick coffee stop/run.  This company has a shop on almost every corner in almost every nook and cranny around the world.  So YUMMY!!!  We drove the nearly 2 hour drive laughing, reminiscing of times past and planning for our fun weekend ahead.  We  hit the city that afternoon and we tore the place up once we checked into our Times' Square hotel.  We left no shop, store, coffee shop(wink, wink) unturned.  We were on a mission to shop till we dropped well into late afternoon.  We encountered all sorts of interesting people as we navigated the city that never sleeps. I am certain they all live really intriguing lives.  I actually wished I could have interviewed a few of them.  It was so therapeutic seeing so many different types of folks from every corner of the earth.  We finally decided to stop shopping so that we could get all glam for dinner.  We had a wonderful dinner at a quaint little Italian restaurant and spent the remainder of the evening celebrating life.  I really am blessed to have such wonderful women in my life.  The 3 of us have been friends for almost 13 years!!  They were my first real adult friends and now I count them as sisters.  The rest of the weekend is sort of a repeat of the aforementioned, but my favorite part was how we declared that we would be life long sisters, bonded by a love forged in Christ and sisterhood.  Here's to my girls and the pursuit of Red Velvet Cupcakes from Magnolia's that we stood on line for with the rest of the fools tourists in NYC on Sunday afternoon!! Ok, it was worth it!!

 ***Photo discliamer: I am working on a new camera for better quality.  Thank you

To Sisterhood,

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