Friday, April 29, 2011


I mentioned adding some fresh new ideas to the blog a few posts ago. I am just realizing that the ideas are not all that new. We all discuss the following idea in our everyday lives knowingly or unknowingly. A philanthropic, billionaire media mogul, makes it a part of her business to announce it every holiday season. So, I guess what I am trying to get at is: MY FAVORITE THINGS!! This could be construed as shallow and frivolous to some, but rather interesting and fun to others.

I really like.....the bible
I really like......veggies
I really
I really
I really like.......chunky, funky, jewelry
I really like.......chocolate ANYTHING!!!!
I really like.......stationery
I really new afro that is growing OUT!!!
I really like......books
I really cuddle
I really like......blogging
I really like......poetry
I really nights
I really like......painting
I really like......talking
I really like......listening

Ok, so you get the point. The fact is there are so many things that I still have yet to try, so that I can add to this list. I should include that I like to make lists. It is so therapeutic to create lists.
I challenge you to create a favorites list or any sort of list. I keep a journal filled with things that I want to try and I edit it as I go along. Check back later for more things I like, as the list is always being edited.

Happy Weekend to you,

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