Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crazy Legs

Top-Old Navy, Necklace-Butterflies Consignment, Crazy Pants-Goodwill,
Clutch-American Eagle, Bangles-Versona, Shoes-TJ Maxx

A bit under the weather, but smiling through it.

A Closer Look-These pants remind me of a painting  and so on trend!

In my house we have tons of fun all the time.  We are all in our own right comedians!!  We sing, dance, prank, etc.  I tend to be the ring leader if my husband is away or not quite "on" at the moment.  One of my favorites is this silly dance I do called "Crazy Legs"!! It is sort of hard to explain and equally disturbing to view, unless you are one of my kids!!  I am not sure how I came up with this movement, but it doubles as a great cardio workout!!  These pants shown above are the artistic visual of my dance!! When I saw these in my local Goodwill I had to take them home!! They are so much fun and fit great.  How on trend they are too for the season!! Double score!! Uh oh, I feel a case of the Crazy Legs coming on!! 

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